Welcome to the Invitational Cup 2017!

INVITATIONAL CUP is an invitational tournament for teams that
previously has made outstanding performance in other tournaments or who are
ranked high in their own district league. We also do invite teams and clubs after a geographical selection.
Our ambition is to give all the participating teams tough and good matches and a great experience after three exciting days.

INVITATIONAL CUP is played 16-18th June 2017!

We are proud to present some really great teams from countries such as Sweden, France, Netherland, Denmark, Norway, England, Estonia and Finland.
We will publish all the teams no later than middle of february.

All matches are played on artificial and natural grass on Djursholms IP and Danderyd Arena.

Welcome to the INVITATIONAL CUP 2017!

/AIK Fotboll and FC Djursholm